Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

It seems to be my day for Fashion Weeks! I just send off my International Media registration for New Zealand Fashion Week, and I can’t wait to be back there again to experience it all again in September. Now its coming time for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Just the word “Spring” gets me excited! An end is in sight to the cold, chill and rain is a rather a glorious prospect. 

So, despite that, many would say spending hours planning outfits to wear, or for me, what to pack to take with me from Melbourne back to Auckland, is a little silly and frivolous and materialistic, umm WHY NOT?! It’s fashion week Babe!! What better week of any year to be silly and frivolous and materialistic! Oh it is truly rather thrilling!

Here are some tips on how to be fabulous at the ALL the upcoming fashion weeks:

1. Wear at least one stand out item. A ridiculous hat, pair of shoes or pants are top in my books. And if your item is a “Designer” piece by someone who’s showing you get an extra 100 brownie points.

2. Take inconspicuous selfies.  Don’t be the one with a cellphone in the middle of the photographers pit (or front row) blocking everyone else’s view.  You will get talked about in a not-nice way.  . Ahhhh fashion-politics.  We all want to show off where we are, but not get caught doing it!

3. Colour blocking will always come in and out of the “IN” look of the moment but too many people stick to the dark, morose safety of black.  Take a giant pink leaf out of my book, you’ll noticed within the sea of black that is fashion week front row, even if you end up in the worst dressed column its still press, right?  . Do it.

4. Sunglasses make you seem prestigious and intimidating.  If your trying to get your seat upgraded then giant over-sized or over stated glasses really up the anti…  Unless your usher is really on the ball with fashion week antics, then don’t be that glamourazzi twat that throws a tantrum, okay!

5. Go old school.  Take a gorgeous wee notebook, maybe with a glamorous title embossed in gold and a pencil.  Taking notes its not only practical when you have a hectic schedule of shows, seems more respectful than tapping away on your phone or tablet (everyone thinks you’re on facebook!)  and you can take gorgeous pictures to pop in with your article once it’s written!

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week model casting was this week and by the look of the talent that turned out it is going to be yet another fantastic event that has made me please with my decision to move my blogisphere to Australia!  You can check out more as it comes here:

You can get tickets HERE
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Greater Melbourne Tourist Attractions

Greater Melbourne Tourist Attractions

Recently I posted a list of places to visit in Melbourne, most of which were IN the CBD, now I thought I’d switch it up and list a few places that I’ve really enjoyed that are OUT of the greater city area.  However close enough that they are all less than a two hour drive away.

Kryal Castle

All though more specifically aimed at a younger audience than an older geekier group like us, it was still a fun place to visit.  It was big enough that although it looked like it was over run with small children when they were all sitting down to watch the Live Jousting display.    The displays themselves however complete with live cast playing various roles around the castle, were quite fantastic.  Sitting at the end of the jousting line watching a horse coming full tilt at you after the almighty crash followed by the sound of wood splintering is a wee adrenaline rush in and of its self.

Aradale Mental Asylum – Ghost Tour

Not for the week of constitution. I loved this tour, it was the second I’d been to, and the third that my group of friends had been on.  The institution buildings are extensive and stretch around a grounds and with over 60 buildings on the whole estate, you get toured through 5 or 6 buildings.  The mens wards were definitely creepier than the women’s and the morgue and operating theatre really gave me the heebie jeebies!  Starting at 11 pm and finishing about 1 am it was the most exciting time to visit and learn about the incredible but brutal history of the place.  A+++

Moonlit Animal Sanctuary (second time around)


This was the second time I’ve been to this place, and we choose it over another park that didn’t offer the same interactions with the animals.  Its not huge, but has allot of small animals all over the park and quite a number of endangered birds as well.  The birds could probably be in much bigger enclosures but the kangaroos and wallabies are able to roam free and are tamed by the constant flow of tourists feeding them.  I love this Koala, he is the older of the two the park has and has a quizzical grumpiness about him and perks up at the sound of fresh rustling leaves that he loves to eat!  Gorgeous!

Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant 

If you have a winning formula – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it motto then Dracula’s is definitely sticking to it.  With an incredibly talented but small cast of 5 and a host of restaurant staff it runs like an ‘almost’ well oiled machine.  SpiderLash, new show was interesting.  With fancy stage fly’s and elaborate props, my favourite act of the whole night a hydrolic hand solo from one of the female leads.   The “spider” theme was a little thin, with the Vampire concept really keeping the audience on their toes and in stitches.  Vocally and musically amazing this is a great show to see, and it seems that hordes of other other tourists to Melbourne (or from other parts of Aussie) agree.


The supplier of all things chocolaty and OOOooooohh so delicious! The shop in Coberg is the largest delicatessen I’ve ever seen in my life! It’s literally HUGE! Starting with sweet cakes, cheesecakes and macaroons through to a pastry and coffee delectables on to ice cream and sorbet then finally a savory and pizza restaurant at the very end of the long shop. This is a must-visit place!

Links to more Info:

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Melbourne:  9 Unique places to visit

Melbourne: 9 Unique places to visit

The Black Cat

The Black Cat was one of the first places that I really felt relaxed in when I first came to Melbourne. I was in the country for a total of four days initially to get set up.  Four days to find a house, get a phone, bank account, job and tax number.  Yup that’s me, always attempting the impossible. However the universe smiled on me and I was able to achieve (or over achieve) and got pretty much all done.  Exhaustion ensued so I sort out somewhere to relax and the Black Cat did it for me.  Delicious on-tap apple cider and lemony grilled halloumi!  What could be more perfect comfortable and delicious?!!


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Maybe I should have been born in the 70’s because I LOVE bright colours, patterns and odd ball clothing. So when I walked past this store I couldn’t help but to be stopped in my tracks and dive into the colour, sparkle and wonderment that Shag contains!  See these for yourself and believe me its better IRL!!

My Delirium

I’m pretty sure I “Squeeeeed” with excitement when I stumbled upon this store.  I found it completely by accident when trying to find an address in Collingwood and getting lost and heading the opposite direction to Fitzroy instead.  Ooops!  This place is bright colourful and totally amazing and the ladies that work there are just as lovely!!  I’ve even followed the store’s Instagram profile to get more photographic goodness!  I immediately bought something that was ridiculous and totally worth  every expensive cent!  I cant wait to show you more photos of my purchase in the near future!


Just 90 minutes from Melbourne, the Daylesford boasts the highest concentration of mineral springs in the country together with an equally large array of therapists.   Holistic health services, cuisine, cellar doors, award winning day spas, spectacular scenery, natural mineral springs, romantic hideaways, country resorts, historic streetscapes, horse trekking and trout farms all make this glorious wee spot a top destination when you’ve had enough of the city and need an escape.  For me it was an beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable romantic get-away.   Although being a little saddle sore for the next few days I’d do it all again in a heart beat with a big dinner and massage at the end of it!

The Butterfly Club

Some of my new friends in Melbourne said that I’d “HAVE” to visit the Butterfly Club.  Surprised to hear a place come so highly recommended I decided one afternoon to seek it out randomly to check it out.  Looking up at the photo above from the day we went horse riding, that surprised face is exactly what I did when I walked it.  Quickly it changed to super excitement!!  I can’t wait to go back here more often and even put on shows in the cute wee theater!!
The Butterfly Club, a glorious small theater and temple of camp kitsch in the heart of Melbourne – here you’ll find an intimate showroom, an award-winning foyer bar, and a truly enormous collection of kitsch. Take a seat in an improbably old armchair, try a sip of your Thai Butterfly, then move to the theater and forget about the world outside.”


Kiwis if you are familiar with DressSmart then this is the Australian equalent.  Cheap, factory outlet, end of line stores but in a HUGE f***off mall.  Its amazing and overwhelming.  But I walked out last weekend with a gorgeous “Bird of Paradise” faux fur coat that I saw weeks ago and couldn’t get out of my head!!  I had to go back and get it.  As soon as I’ve worn it I’ll take photos to post up.. I just keep thinking how wonderfully it will match my Mermaid dress.  It looks a little like this, but more fluffy and two tone.


The ultimate Hipster /Alternative shop.  It has everything.  Its the “Target” for anyone with a little bit more of a ‘different’ style.  From “David Bain” ugly jumpers through to cute cardigans or goth pants or tie-dye.   There is a store on just about every shopping street or mall and even an outlet on the top end of Brunswick street if you are trying to find something cheap.

China Town (Spicy Hut and Shanghai Village Restaurants)

Spicy Hut does HUGE meals full of flavour and lots of spice that if you order four dishes it will feed you for a week and not be too dear.  They are happy to give you take away containers if you cant finish a meal.  Off Lonsdale street close to Chinatown.
Shanghai Village is also in Chinatown (112 Little Bourke street and ‘cool’ restaurant in town!) and is the closest you can get to the hipster filled Barrilla Dumplings back in Auckland’s Dominion Road.  A HUGE two level restaurant it is busy, delicious and most of all VERY CHEAP.  A big group can pre-book and organize a flat fee per head. RECOMMEND!!

Williamstown Ghost tours

Being a fan of the supernatural and all things ghostly we trekked to Williamstown, the otherside of Melbourne harbour in the early evening, had a lovely dinner then head over to the old fountain by the shore.  A lady with a lantern took us out around the town and showed us the creppy allyways, haunted tower and old mortuary.  Brilliant, if I get tingles up my spine, and my hairs standing on end – You will too!

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Review: Marysville Salmon & Trout ponds

Review: Marysville Salmon & Trout ponds

Nestled on the slopes of Mount Gordon, Marysville Trout and Salmon Ponds was first developed in the early 1980’s. It lay dormant for many years until it reopened to the public in December 2003. 
The ponds are fed by spring water flowing from the surrounding mountain forests. The water is pure and crystal clear, no farm or fertilizer run-off, and no human or chemical contamination and fish are bred to feed and up keep the farm’s stock. The water flows by gravity through aqueducts that wonder up the valley floor.The ponds have been nurtured to form a natural ecosystem and habitat for the fish with reedy banks, overhanging trees and gently flowing waterfalls.  
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A dog friendly park it was a perfect choice for us to get out of town, a group of friends (and one hyper puppy) and have a blast out of the big city. A pleasant hour and forty minutes drive through forest, trees, bush. The air smells beautifully fresh, some trees show older scars of past bush-fires in the area. After coming out of the windy roads we reached a short stony drive.  
Inside, the hill sports five or six ponds, Each with different sized fish and difficulty of the catch. The ponds have become a habitat for many aquatic animals including, nymphs, mud eyes, frogs which croaked loudly next to us as we fished and worms. During spring and summer the fish feast on the many flying insects that land on the water.The ponds were surrounded by tall peppermint, stringy bark and messmate eucalyptus  sliver and Blackwood wattles, native grasses and a many varieties of ferns including the majestic tree fern and are slowly recovering to their former glory since the February 2009 bush-fires tho the scars remain. 
The fishing ponds have been lightly stocked with rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon and range in size from 500 g up to 6 kg (the big ones are hard to catch – very sneaky fish). It can take some time to catch a fish although I caught My first within the first half an hour we were there.  Over the next two hours we moved around the ponds. Finding spaces between reeds to cast off and watch the air bubbles circle the float. Each time one went under there would be a shreek of excitement. a short, not always successful fight later, a rainbow trout would be netted and plopped into a waiting bucket of water.  
For the several families there they also have ponds where little kids of those in a rush can catch a trout in very quick time. Picnic tables, small shelters or cabin decks and gas barbecues are scattered around the ponds so you can have an enjoyable picnic and cook your fresh rainbow trout or salmon. It is a great place to learn how to fish or hone up on your fishing skills, have picnic lunch or a romantic twilight dinner.  
They are open 7 days a week from 10 am until sunset including all public holidays & school holidays, and Christmas day & good friday and for the week stomached they will gut and season your fish or prep it in an ice filled chilli-bin (eski).  Once we got ours home it was straight in the oven to grill with our of the smaller of our catch. A dash of lemon juice and absolutely nothing can beat the taste of super freshly caught fish! Soft, sweet, juicy and succulent!
NOM Nom soooo delicious!!
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Black Milk: Melbourne Sample sale review

Black Milk: Melbourne Sample sale review

About two and a half years ago I discovered a brand called Black Milk Clothing. It turned out they make leggings. Nylon goodness, and I have no qualms about admitting that all natural fibers are not a common thing in my wardrobe.  Maybe they should be, and maybe Ill develop a taste for that one day, but right now I don’t mind a spot of Nylon.

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On the Black Milk website their wee story under the “About us” typical of nosy website is most humbling and inspiring. Possibly you could call it a rags to riches success story, I like to think of it as a personal kick up my ass. Why sit around doing something you hate when you could be working your butt off but being happy. However, that is not what today’s post is about. Now that my blogging mojo is slowly returning I wanted to share with you these lovely leggings and my story about meeting “Sharkies” in New Zealand and Australia.

 The clothing is simple, basic but all in all good quality with funky, quirky and rebellious prints.  With the line starting to include more than just leggings it is truly a developing online Fashion Label. Maxi dresses, swim suits, t-shirt dresses, skirts, basket ball singlets, leggings and boob-tubes is really rocket science.
How Black Milk clothing have created a brand with a cult like following IS!  If every marketing manager or PR company could re-create that kind of organic success story they’d be putting them selves out of business.

There a Facebook groups for every country, or even states with in a country. Coffee or drink meets, reminiscent of stamp collector meetings from the 80’s… Collections get shown, shared, swapped, on sold or fawned over. There is one thing unique about “Sharkies”, so named because of their ability to crash the shop website trying to snap up a new product. 

I walked through the underground walk way at Melbourne’s Flinders station I spot a girl walking towards me wearing brightly coloured leggings. I smile as I recognise them as Black Milk tights, and she acknowledges me back recognising mine.  Being a very recent immigrant to Australia I’m still working really hard to meet people and make friends, so simple little personal interactions make my day.

Last weekend was the Melbourne Black Milk sample sale. Coming from New Zealand I had no idea they did such a thing, but dutifully saved up my pennies and planned my weekend around attending the sale. 9 am it was due to start. Having been to the Swarovski sample (invite only) sale I expected it to be a little similar. Lines out the door. Groups of people let into the sale room for a limited amount of time each. Scrambles and then a patient wait at the check out.  Well my expectations were almost on target. Almost!!

There had been a meet up the night before (frustrated I didn’t know so I could have gone!) and a large group had stayed there late and then head straight to the factory were they camped over night with their sleeping bags! Others had set their alarms for ridiculous hours and headed in to arrive as early as 4-6 am!  Myself, blissfully I got up at 8 am and headed there planning to be there around 8:30 am, thinking this early!

How wrong was I. A small block consisting of 8-10 joined terrace houses long and wide was surrounded by colourful lines all around the block. Four sides of the block surrounded en’ masse by a line made up most of girls of all sizes and colours of hair all wearing at least one if not multiple items of Black Milk. Every 20 minutes 150 people were allowed to rush into the warehouse. Piles of nylon organised into sizes were instantly shrouded elbow to elbow pf excited people rummaging and hunting for pieces that caught their attention.

I waited for two and a half hours to get into the sale. “What??” You say, that is ridiculous. But time flew!  Standing in the line I made friends! Students, mums, and crazy cats like myself all chatting about what we had in common. All for the love of Black Milk.

Thanks James Lillis, you made your dream a reality. We can too!

Other info if you wish to cross educate yourself here:

Alternative sites that also sell RAD as leggings:

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Mornings with Murdoch

Mornings with Murdoch

The early morning rattle settles down, the last door slams, the car leaves and the dog calms down and returns to his basket.   By this time its just gone 8 am and I’ve been pretending to still be asleep since 6:30 am.
About 30 mins later I haul myself out of bed and start feeling a little more alive. A quick shower and dressed in warm clothes – double layers of Black Milk tights works a treat and I’m ready. The dog. I call him so because he belongs to my girl friend. I’m not terribly maternal, I don’t dote, fawn and only occasionally pet. I prefer to stick to the routine and give him a pat when he earns it. Like sitting own before we cross the road the first time he’s asked not the 10th.

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Once I’m ready I pop his harness on him and we head out the door. He loves going for a walk, playing ball, in-fact any kind of attention at all so by this point he is SUPER hyped up and I keep a gentle tension on the leash so he will walk obediently beside me and not strain the leash. Eventually he calms down and does so. 
20 minutes of very brisk walking we get to the park having successfully sat before crossing each road so as not to get run over.  I love to walk briskly as the air is quite nippy and if we don’t move fast my fingers go a little numb. I’m warm by the time we reach the park or the Green as its been officially named. Surrounded by parrot filled trees its pretty. But it is also there to separate a section of clone like subdivision housing from a section of noisy high way!  Ignoring the Stepford-ness of the area we get down to the serious business of playing ball.

This dog, Murdoch could play fetch all day. I think he would still be compelled to run after a ball even if he was near the point of exhaustion. Occasionally he lies down after dropping the ball back at my feet on the damp grass to cool down his belly.

There are few other people in the area when we are there. An elderly pair of ladies doing Tai Chi by the play ground, an occasional fluffy scrap of a dog gets gingerly escorted past us the owners not realizing this Staffy is a useless teddy bear attempt at living up to its breeds generically fierce stereotype  And the construction workers on the adjacent site walking occasionally across the park to the bathrooms. I often imagine them thinking enviously about how they’d rather be playing with a similarly butchy dog rather than being at work. Nope this lesbian is dog walking today, not you.

The walk back home is calmer. Once we arrive home I refill his water bowl because he is still panting like a tongue flapping maniac. Half a bowl later I think he must feel allot better. Food. Breakfast for him and lunch for me. As I pack my lunch up he follows me continuously around the house ball still in his mouth. How can he not be worn out? We were out for about an hour?!  Before I leave I check he done his business so we don’t return to any unexpected accidents. Fortunately that’s only happened once, when he first arrived and since then he’s dutifully marked every tree corner on our morning walks and has a special spot he uses just past our bedroom window out on the back lawn. Oh and that’s another thing, when I say lawn I don’t really mean it. Our place and many many others I walk past every day have astro turf lawns. Fake grass, that lusciously deceiving green colour patched down on every second front verge.

And that is my morning.

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