Beauty review: Maybelline Liquid Liner vs Pencil

Beauty review: Maybelline Liquid Liner vs Pencil

I’ve always been a huge eyeliner fan. That thin black strip of colour which can turn an insignificant eye into something totally stunning and “eye-catching”. (Excuse the pun!”)

However use a bad liner and in an hours time you have one of either of these two disastrous results.
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Watery, teary, stinging eyes with little black rivulettes running down your face or panda rings where the movement of your skin has caused the soft crumbly powder to slowly slide down your face, giving you that trashy “hard night on the town look!”

Not so pretty, right? So what about a waterproof liner then? Perfect but what about one that can give you that delicate pin-up style cat’s-eye flick or Amy Whitehouse style winged eye?
I decided to put the Maybelline New York ‘Master Precise’ liquid liner to the test against a standard black pencil liner. Starting off by testing the two on my hand they both pass the “black enough” test, next the smudge test!

Okay, maybe I rubbed a little hard but the pencil TOTALLY flunked! I’ve a dirty gray big smudge on my hand that I really don’t want on my face.

I wore the Maybelline liner to my first Melbourne Burlesque shows this weekend and am glad I did! Despite the heat inside the venue, specifically Red Bennie’s cabaret & Burlesque bar it didn’t run or smudge one bit!

Hooray! I love my liner and you should try it too!

Thanks Maybelline NY!!

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Things I love Thursday: The Movember Edition

Things I love Thursday: The Movember Edition

Things I love Thursday!  It isn’t often I remember to do this, but I love the concept.  And since the dastardly full moon wrecked havoc on my moods for the last couple of days its really nice to be smiling and feeling appreciative for so many things!

Having a rad flat/ flatmates!   Pink leopard print heels from Senso Being able to live and work in an environment that lets me have pink hair and be my crazy self     Diversity Training – Its good that people are trying work towards understanding how to work with all different cultures, race, ethnicities, sexualities, genders, marital and employment statuses etc. in a positive way!   Pink Gorilla pod camera stand   Dark Chunky Chocolate  Pink Rhinestone covered computer mouse    A Pink cactus    An amazing new couch that got shipped up by some awesome friends in Wellington!   The opportunity to attend amazing events such as Hit the Pavement by M.A.C. and the Vodafone NZ Music Awards!   Getting to wear designer threads out on their behalf for an event!  SUNSHINE and good weather!   Being in a rad team for Movember!

Such an amazing event – really great work by the team and awesome to meet so many new people!  You all rock my sox!

My two options for Movember!
My Halloween Make-up Candy Skull / Day of the Dead ~ Dia de los Muertos face
Lighting a candle for loved ones pass on All Hallows Eve
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Rest and Relaxation

Rest and Relaxation

Today I’m feeling a little under the weather.. aside from getting up and making a pie, I’ve pretty much spent all day in bed… Just what I’ve needed.  Feeling low on energy for the last two weeks, I’ve kind of known I was fighting off something nasty, but wouldn’t let my self fully relax and get better!

Flickr – waihey

I’m lucky to live in a gorgeous apartment with a delicious bath and steaming hot water, so tonight I plan on making myself a golden, deliciously smelling bath.  If you haven’t ever tried any  Lush, Fresh Hand Made Cosmetics you really should try them.  They’re divine, colourful and smell fantastic.  My bathroom is full of them!

Flickr – Jciv
Here is a little video about one of my favourite Lush products.  Don’t stress though if your not a glitter fan, not all products are this sparkly.  This doesn’t actually leave a glitter residue on your skin, more of just a golden glow, as if you had just dusted yourself with a light pearlecent powder…  Perfect for looking radiant AND relaxed before going on a romantic date, for example… I think I’ll just have to do that next time!

Pamper yourself!  You deserve it!  I’m going to and hopefully it helps me feel better, re-energise and kick this icky bout of germs and snottiness!
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Beth Ditto M.A.C. Collaboration

Beth Ditto M.A.C. Collaboration

The Gossip has to be one of my top 5 favourite Bands!!  I started out doing Burlesque shows to Dimestore Diamond and if there was anyone to be an inspirational and successful Body Positive icon – Beth is it!
I love M.A.C. cosmetics so this news of a collaboration between them and one of my favourite artists is bigger than the remake of the Muppet’s!!  (Miss Piggy would hate me for saying that!)
I can’t wait to see the collection – I love these bright colours already!

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Fashion Festival.. DO IT!

Fashion Festival.. DO IT!

Fashion Week has a prodigious sound about it… The kind of event your average Jane either isn’t interested in or can’t get into. NZ Fashion Festival is exciting, fun and the festival ring about it always excites a carnival of ideas in my head.  This Video the work of  make-up artist Amber D of M.A.C, stylist Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Track from the brilliant MAYA VANYA! (Who are smoking hot babes, just saying!)

If you want to go along to be part of the madness (as will I) then you can get your tickets here: iTickets  I’ve my eye on these!  M.A.C. (forever), Behind the Scenes (cos lets face it that’s where all the excitement and creativity goes on) and the Collections!  Click the images below for the relevant event detail.

Being in style in season is always a crazy juggling act but with this it all becomes easier.. Get the inside scoop on Winter Collections at the runway show featuring:

  • A La Robe
  • Whiri
  • Annah Stretton (The shiznit!  I have lots of her stuff and love the mishmash of it all)
  • Marilyn Seyb by Kimberlys
  • Lennox
  • Whos Henri?
  • Gregory
  • Farmers featuring Sabine, Principals +more
  • Ricochet
    Stand by for more information about the Fashion Festival as the event grows closer and closer!!    See you there Ladies and stylish Gents!  I’m rather excited its hard not to bounce around at my desk, (the video tune is catchy right..)!
    Oh and this!!  Time to top up my wardrobe, though me thinks I’d better do a big wardrobe clean out and donate all to Charity before I fill it right up again on amazing goodies from here!
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    Sunday afternoon, dressed up for tea! – Polyvore

    Sunday afternoon, dressed up for tea! – Polyvore

    Polyvore!  Almost identical to the outfit I’m wearing today… I really feel like I should be off to High Tea on a Sunday afternon.
    Angelic Pretty Lovely Gingham Skirt – Dark Pink
    Christian Louboutin look alike Peep-Toe Pumps
    Black Rose Ring Smoove
    Leg Avenue tights
    Rose ring from Smoove
    Fascinator home-made
    Karen Walker look alike necklace
    Ruffle Bolero Jacket/ Shrug
    Gingham Singlet
    Pink Leopard Purse
    M.A.C Hello Kitty Blush
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