I woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life

I woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life

I cut off all my hair – this is one of the last pictures i took of my silly face before the chop! Bye hiding behind my big mop. 
Hello radical femme identity. Happiness is a fresh new haircut.  

Life is too short to have boring hair.

There is something about a woman with short hair that just screams “power”. Going from long hair to short is not just a change in length, but a change in attitude. If your hair looks good and you have on great shoes, you can get away with anything.

Coloured Hair a Trend at NZ Fashion Week 2012

Coloured Hair a Trend at NZ Fashion Week 2012

BbPink hair has always been my signature brand colour.  I’ve had pink hair for over 8 years now with only a small 2 month horrible stint of black hair.   I didn’t expect to see many other coloured locks at Fashion Week, and was super excited when there was!!  I love colour; amazing to see to lots of it all around fashion.

Fashion Row ran a piece, Thread.co.nz ran a wee piece too, and I’m sure that’s just only the ones I know about.  If your looking at joining the coloured hair trend, here’s some great tips by Little Black Book on Pastel hair.

Samantha Connon
Riddle Me This – Photo by BrightBlackNZ.com
Riddle Me This – Photo by BrightBlackNZ.com
Annah Stretton
Phoenix Cosmetics

TV3’s Fashion Front Row: http://bit.ly/OWoWEc

Thread.co.nz http://bit.ly/PSzgKX

Aych, myself and Sacha of Coup de Main

Little Black Book:  http://bit.ly/OCmXCf

Emily and I
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Fashion: Pink Hair!

Fashion: Pink Hair!

I’m reporting from a biased point of view.  I have pink hair and have had for about 8 years almost continuously.  It takes allot of upkeep but has been worth it the entire time.  It has turned into quite a trade mark for me, if I changed my hair colour I don’t think anyone would recognise me. (Bonus?!) And like most other things if you look hard enough you can find day to day normative examples of something different.  I thought I’d do just that.

Today society and fashion has opened its mind and broadened its horizons to accept that we can change the colour of our hair.  We can express our individuality and creativity outwardly in a semi permanent way (other than just covering our bodies with tattoos or piercings.  Pink is such a bright, beautiful and energetic colour its fantastic to be able to wear it every day!
These days getting the colour is easy, a dash of bleach to lighten your natural hair if necessary, and then add colour!  HUZZAR! Shades of pink vary and colours can be mixed together to form all new shades all together.
How to get pink hair?
COLOUR BUG – Temporary
 FUDGE PAINTBOX – Semi Permanent (My Sponsor and my favourite dye!)

 MANIC PANIC – Semi Permanent.  Also very popular but doesn’t last as long, but brilliant for the more pastel shades rather than highlighter bright.

 Special Effects (FX)  – Semi Permanent.  Big in America and very bright.  Comes in larger bottles which is great for those with long hair or who re colour often.

 Experiment with it a little, its exciting and can make a beautiful fashion statement!  I highly recommend.  Its very hard to be blue and grumpy with a full head of bright pink hair!
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Pin-ups, pink hair and kitties!

Pin-ups, pink hair and kitties!

Kitties never cease to be anything but adorably cute (provided your not the one cleaning up any little “accidents”) and one of my besties Dolly Destory has been fostering them from the SPCA ove the winter. The kitties love her and also seemed to like playing with our jewelery and (much to our dismay) climbing up our pantyhose!

Big thanks to “Further Photography” for these!
If your feeling a little glum dress-up!  Looking glamorous as a sneeky way of making you feel really good. a touch of makeup and a faux fur coat sometimes is all it takes to do the trick!  I think we did this on a cold gloomy tuesday night…  All dressed up and no where to go, but it didnt really matter. I went to bed that night feeling a whole lot chirpier and slept like a baby!

 Sunday was JUST as gloomy.  By now you might have figured out that I’m a HUGE summer fan.. I hate the cold, wet, windy winter weather and can’t wait for warmth and sunshine all the time.  I think I’m not the only one who feels like this either.  Sunday one of my other friends popped over and we went nuts with my little camera (hence the less than amazing quality) running around the Ironbank building, trying to stay dry before heading up the road to a local cafe for a Delicious hot toddy!  One of those has got to be my favourite “warm-up  my insides” drink for winter!!  If you haven’t had one – TRY IT!!  Its the best thing ever on a cold day!


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