Apartment Balcony Gardening!

Apartment Balcony Gardening!

  I never thought having a garden in an apartment was possible.. I’m not talking about just a few pot plants either…  I want one of those “Live of the land” type gardens… very difficult if your living arrangements don’t actually contain any actual dirt!  All big cities are filled with high rises, and few trees.  Its really rewarding and relaxing to be able to have your own bit of greenery.

Basil, Coriander, and Marigolds

 Hanging baskets are great. This one is super study and matches the Metal railing on my balcony.  They are a wee bit pricey but buy them second hand online if you can.  Instant gratification (garden) isn’t always the cheapest way to go!  They take up WAY more soil than I expected.  We ended up with a 40 Litre bag of soil and used up most of it potting everything up.   The seedlings come in tightly packed little pottles so the bigger containers need fresh soil for every separated out plant.

Ornametal Chili

Chilli plants are awesome!  I think we three on our balcony now.  Two hot chillis and one ornamental one.  I think they’re pretty and colourful. I’ll leave all the eating of said chillis to my flatmates. 

I can see many chilli concarnes, or Thai Chilli Chicken coming out of our kitchen.  Hopefully no idiot will get talked into a chilli eating contest over the weekend either!  
Sitting in the afternoon summer sun watering my plants is going to be my new hobby after a cooped up day inside the office.  Vitamin D and visiual stimulation.  YES please!  Plants and greenery have got to be almost as relaxing to potter around with as Animals are.  Maybe I’m getting all grown up, suddenly wanting to care for other living things?

Succulents and Basil

Basil – I have HEAPS of this… It grows way taller than I expected. and all those lucious green leaves instantly make me think of PESTO… oooh Pesto, how I long to make my own. Pesto is pretty darn expensive really. I just splurged out on a 550gram pot that was $11!!!! I can’t say I’m going to grow my own Pine nuts but I can certainly add in my own leaves in a month or so I hope!

I wanted to buy more Gnomes from the Plant Barn when I was there.. I found a little one with a thermostat, but really it was quite ugly so I’m glad I didn’t. I have a couple that are just cropped out of the photo below. But my Pink flamingos are the bees-knees. Nearly got more except they were $35 each! I’m sure mine weren’t that much originally! Colour and Green make a balcony garden amazing… The garden tray above is actually PINK. I nearly wet myself when I saw it… Now I just need another to have a matching set. Temptation right?

Garden ornaments!

Instead of continuing to be jealous of my friends luscious and fruitful veggie patches this past weekend I went out and did something about it. I went too my local Kings Plant Barn and came out with a trolley full of green goodies… If this is the first time setting up a garden, I totally recommend taking a green-thumb friend with you. I’m so glad I did otherwise I would have walked out with all the wrong things!!

Here is some great Balcony Garden Inspiration!  Recycled Plastic bottle garden:

Recycled Bottle Garden – Apartment Therapy!
ZEN apartment balcony garden!

Lastly have a look at this site lifeonthebalcony.com – Its a great read from an expert, this video is inspiration enough to get planting… and use the space you have for the maximum greenery! Get growing and ENJOY!

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Interior decorating… in PINK!

Interior decorating… in PINK!

I’m sure I’m not going to be able to go as nuts as this when I interior decorate (only a couple of weeks to go!!) but dreams are free and I’m only looking at this as inspiration.. But Oh! This would be a small taste of amazing. My poor flatmates – luckily they’re all girls so they’ll have to love it just a little bit!
Just got to have pink loo paper
I’ve a touch of romance
Blogger station alert!
Just the lounger thanks, not the wallpaper!
I’ll have the deer, the wardrobe and the bedshade
Bed to die for, oh and I have feathers for the wall already!
See above – Deer and wardrobe!
Just OMFG!  
If only I could completely redecorate the bathroom too. Burlesque girls Dream!
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Take time out to recharge your GO batteries..

Take time out to recharge your GO batteries..

So I’m now rewriting the blog post that I just spent the last 30 min doing… Silly cos I was just on my phone writing and I’m not always going to have access to my computer. I love the flexibility that Android gives you but the rare occasion that it has a small melt downs are SO frustrating!
Now that I’ve got that grump out of my system, back onto the topic of relaxing and recharging your system.
I was just going over in my mind the last two mornings and the pain of getting up early if you’ve had late nights the day before. This morning getting up was a little painful I must admit so tonight I think I’m due a really nice early night or a disco nap before I think of going out anywhere.

Saturday just been was delightful in this respect and I really want to aim to do so more often. Spending all morning in bed, awake but relaxing and / or messing around under the sheets… I have the most delicious duvet!
Finally wandering out of bed up the road to a tasty coffee and hot cooked breakfast, window shopping, then going for a super relaxing walk around the city. Auckland has some gorgeous parks in town and its not often that the people of this crazy metropolis have the time to slow down and appreciate!
I’ve three things that I’m going to do to help me relax more, and feel fitter healthier and the more ENERGIZED me!
Sign up at Club Physical. Its just on K road right around the corner from my house and work so I really don’t have any excuses not to go… I love working out once I’m into a routine. I was looking at their website yesterday and I they have some great looking supervised workout programmes over a 6 week period. Quite possibly perfect for my level of motivation and commitment. (7am starts ugh) I figure if I’m not happy with my body or my body image then I’d better do something about it rather than wallowing in comparisons of myself a couple of years ago!

Eat more greens! Grreeeeeeennnnnsss! The world always makes me think of salad and rabbit food! Leafy goodness drizzled with a light touch of Asian sesame dressing, olives capers, sun dried tomatoes and capsicum. YUM!! Since the veggie shop is RIGHT above the Gym its perfect for popping in afterwards to makes sure I have my healthy food!
Also I think I’m going to resume taking salad and lunches to work.. I have storage facilities here and it will really stop me from those naughty sneaky visits to the vending machine! BAD GIRL! Also I was having a tittersation with a friend about Gluten – I’m not sure I could entirely cut it out of my diet but if the bloatedness I was feeling yesterday was anything to go by, I really think its a good idea!
Do more creative stuff! I have a whole pile of creative projects lined up ready to go. Glitterizing some shoes, painting, stencilling and costume making. I’m a bit of a hoarder so I have plenty of craft material, glitter and sparkles to throw around and create some magic. Combine some recycled jewelery, hot glue, paint, canvas or fabric and you can see the energy in the artwork!

I never profess to be a professional but I think if your creating anything abstract the more ‘art tallent’ that sometimes goes in the less wild the end product it.

Actually thinking about this… I really want to get some pictures of the latest piece I made for my Derby Wife..!! Its an abstract piece of a Panda and a Pegacorn… with a small dash of glitter to bring it to life.

Here are some pictures from the weekend just gone… (including veggie/pescaterian FAIL breakfast.. no more of this and the Gluten!) Note the cute crocheted flowers on the tree in Albert park! If you have someone special to share it with even better, and take a camera with you so you can snap some cute shots.
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SuckerPunch Polyvore!!

SuckerPunch Polyvore!!

I’ve been looking around for some inspiration for my next Costume design project.  Something to rock my sox of making then to wear and frollic around in like a crazy adrenaline junkie that I am, not caring what the rest of the world thinks of me… Here’s my polyvore..

AND I think I’ve found it.  –  SUCKERPUNCH!!

What can beat hot girls in little outfits Kicking ASS??   So I’ve started shopping around to create this partiular outfit.   I have most of the other accesories for this outfit and I jumped on TradeMe and picked up the base bit of the outfit.  #WINNING!!

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Rock n Roll Polyvore!!

Rock n Roll Polyvore!!

So I always see these outfit / suggestion pictures… I’d love to know the proper name for them tho!  (Edit: “Polyvore”  I found it!!!)  Often they’ll have a complete out fit and then a few accessories or things that match or you might have along with you.  Then underneath where to get / buy everything.

Here is what I have done… This is what I am going to attempt to create… the details of some of the items varies a little but with a little DIY and modification WHY NOT!!  🙂  Then I can re take a picture of each item and repost the image (or easier, wear it all and pose!!) 

What would Miss Phloss wear? 🙂

So I’m not going to include where to get everything cos I didn’t record it initially but next time I do I will definitely –  I’ll be good just in case I want to order one of the items myself!  (which I probably will!)

So here you have – Leather skirt with satin ruffle, long top with chain shoulders (in this outfit worn tucked in) a leather and chain belt, real rock n roll handbag, and a few rings and a bracelet for each arm.  A leopard print bow and shoes top it off completely!!   

Maybe animal print isn’t everyones’ best friend, but I love it.. I’m wearing a v similar outfit today.  Leopard print shoes, and a black dress blouse made by Annah Stretton with a burnt copper and gold ruffle down the front and on the sleeve.  I looked everywhere for a picture on line and had no luck. 
My skirt today is satin with a small ruffle around the bottom.  I’m planning on getting my sewing machine out tonight and making the skirt fit me properly.

I love the skirt in my image above so I’m off to a second hand store after work today to try find a leather skirt myself and then the fabric shop after work!  (if its open later on a Monday) I’ve got new threads and pins… my overlocker works and my lovely mum helped me thread it up – its not so easy with out a manual!!!

So yes… long day at work then HOPEFULLY a fun night tonight of Craft sewing DIY on some awesome on trend fashion with out paying an absolute arm and a leg!


P.s.  polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore!!

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