Mystery the Magick Van: Van life.

Mystery the Magick Van: Van life.

When I decided to move to canada I met someone who was from Canada and who’d offered to sell me their vehicle. Sweet I thought, I’ll have wheels and will be able to travel and sightsee as soon as I get here. Fast forward a month in and it still hadn’t happened. I started looking around not knowing what I was really looking for, to buy a van.

I knew I wanted to be mobile, able to live in it while traveling, maybe longer. Suddenly my antsy frustration trapped feelings of not working for myself and being tied to one spot slowly started to melt away. I the idea I could live and travel anywhere around the city and driving distance on the weekends excited me so much. There was so much land, sights, nature and beauty right at my fingertips – mountains, lakes, seas and islands. It spelled freedom, and in a mysterious way my body energy started to slowly shift.

I ended up buying a cheaper van that needed a lot of love after the expensive one I wanted fell through because I couldn’t get away to look at it in time. The first two weeks I owned her were a tortuous mental turmoil thinking I’d made a terrible decision and bought a dud. I really didn’t know anything about my new van and I didn’t trust my gut that led me to her or even if I’d be able to make it work.

I love naming my vehicles.. I’ve had two green Turtle vehicles at different energetic ages. So I was expecting to find the name of my new van too. I think it took almost a month, maybe a few weeks till it happened. I believe in messages from the universe but this was the first time I’d felt anything at all close to an “out of my control” message. To me trust is a very important thing and I think vehicles have their own personalities in a way. The universe brought her into my life, but her name wasn’t entrusted to me till I trusted her and trusted my decision to have her in my life.

I was just simply texting a friend telling them about my purchase and all the work I’d begun to do to her and how much more I was going to have and I think I simply made the observation that “it was a complete mystery why this van had come into my life and if I had done the right thing and how much more work I’d have to do”. Then my fingers simply typed afterwards:

“Mystery the magick van”

I kind of felt stopped in my tracks, wait what!? Then I quickly followed up the text message with an exclamation – “I think that’s her name!”

“I just found out what her name was in that moment of texting you”

I was buzzing and I’m a state of surprise and somehow just realised and reinforce in my whole body that sometimes life is a mystery.

Sometimes I cannot understand why things happen or what direction all of these culminating things will take me. Trying to plan, control and minutely understand will not make me happy and will not help any kind of situation get better. Mystery was here to teach me this in a giant way.

Not only teach my to trust myself, to let go of control of the future but also to let mysteries be mysteries and enjoy the nuances of all the wonderful things that somehow I’m really having the time of my life learning now.

Skip forward another month and Mystery is in the shop having her carburetor replaced because hills stopped being possible to climb. I’ve just gotten off a bus and am I’m heading to work on the seabus ferry across Vancouver harbour listening to my favourite podcast. Half way through the woman being interviewed starts talking about the mysteries of life. Cue tears, my heart felt jerked, tugged on an completely vulnerable. The heart is so big and it breaks open and open and open. The blasted open energy of the heart is capable of enormous healing. I am here letting life break open my heart, letting this moment change me. Learning to stay with the feeling of knowing that my intuition never lies.

I don’t know what’s next I don’t know how life will pan out – I have to be in the Mystery. We’re so strange as humans we can watch mystery moving but when don’t know how it ends or don’t know the answers in our own lives we go crazy. It’s like living the High Priestess card – allow the Mystery. Allowing myself to be a mystery, allowing my life to be a mystery. I feel it is very brave and vulnerable to live like this – but it’s also a great adventure, which what I want my life to be.

There is no one else to save me, there is no one else to do my own emotional work for me, so I must rise up and save myself, dive into the mystery and follow my hearts. Stop listening to other people and doing what brings me joy. The grail or river of what I love and what makes me whole. I know I have SO much to give when I am in my joy. So much more love, healing, change and energy to share. It is not selfish to pursue what brings me joy.

What brings you joy?

What mystery are you sitting with right now?

Manifestation and DIY reupholstering 

Manifestation and DIY reupholstering 

What you think and what you feel and what manifests, always match. Every single time, no exception.

After moving house with no real furnature other than my beedroom stuff. I’ve ALWAYS love a chaise lounge and wanted one. Of course i always found them suuuuper expensive or very vintage colours.  

Queue solid manifestation and there was one aitting on the side of the road!!! A bit damp and a wee moldy in places.   

A month later its in a garage stripped of its fabric legs and all the nastys. 

Up soon new fabric, new legs and new trim. Can’t  wait!

The universe is asking. Show me your new vibration, I willl show you miracles.

What to do in Winter: Scrapbooking with Maggie Armstrong

What to do in Winter: Scrapbooking with Maggie Armstrong

When Scrapbooking what does a normal session consist of and how much preparation do you have to do before hand?
Typically, when I sit down to scrapbook I don’t usually have a particular project in mind.  I keep a pile near my art desk of newly purchased products, and an idea will often spring to mind as I shuffle through them!  So maybe that means
preparation = scrapbook shopping!!!!

 I almost never start and finish a project in one sitting.  I usually have to come back to it a few times.  The benefit of this is that each time I return to it I see it with different eyes and the creative process often takes a different turn.  So I never really know what I’m creating until the deed is done!

How did you get into Scrapbooking and what made you decide this is what you wanted to take further?
A good friend introduced me to scrapbooking when my eldest child was still a baby.  I needed some sort of creative/productive outlet to relieve the sometimes tedious job of motherhood! 
Through the craft I have met some amazing women who will be lifelong friends.  The scrapbooking community is full of hilarious, creative and fun loving people and I have had so many great scrapbook adventures/roadtrips along the way – why would I give it up?

What tips would you give new others who might be interested in taking up Scrapbooking?
The most important piece of advice I can give is to never compare your work to others.  Watch this short clip on YouTube.  What is obvious to you is amazing to others.  If you think you’re not creative – think again!

Have you ever been in a situation where someone hasn’t taking your Scrapbooking work seriously?
Haha! You’re talking about my husband right??!!!  ‘Crap-booking’  is what he used to refer to it as!  But to be fair, in recent times he has become more appreciative of the craft and often pulls my work out to show visitors!  He also ‘gets’ that it’s about preserving memories for our children and is supportive of that. 

Scrapbooking itself very specialized – is this something you’ve learned in through education system or did you fall into it?
I have developed my craft by attending workshops, reading magazines and browsing online blogs.

What effect has the Internet had on Scrapbooking and how you do it?
The internet is a huge source of inspiration for me!  There are oodles of incredibly talented beings out there and it’s wonderful that so much of their work is shared though online blogs.  The internet is also the go-to tool of choice for me if I am unsure how to use a new art medium or I want to push the creative boundaries further.

What is the biggest, most exciting project you’ve worked on / are most proud of?
When I was approached last year by NZ Paperchase magazine to apply for a place on their Elite Design Team I was quite thrilled!  I had 3 weeks to prepare my submission which included 3 different projects – a traditional layout, a card and an OTP (off the page) item.  I was successful in gaining a place and now I design projects for their quarterly magazine. 

Have you got anything exciting in the pipeline that you would like to share with us?
Well, yes actually!  I have been asked to teach in May 2013 at an international event alongside some of the biggest names in the industry – a la Donna Downey, Theresa Collins and Heidi Swapp.  I will be teaching approximately 300 people (luckily I don’t suffer stage fright huh?!).  So I’m busy putting together an awesome project using some very different mediums (e.g. melted beeswax!) so hopefully I will stack up against these ladies! 
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Scrapbooking: Things you should try!

Scrapbooking: Things you should try!

Scrap-booking is something I’ve done for years.. but mine look more like a school project than art.  A collection of ticket stubs, cards, magazine cut outs and photos taped into a A4 hard cover school book with small inked captions scrawled underneath. Sentimental yes, arty… well not so much.

This is what I call art: Maggie is a “propper” scrapbooker, the professional artistic kind.  From making die-cuts, acrilic paints, 3D nick naks, lace, pearls, paper and stencils her work is creative and AMAZING!

Maggie tutors at SENZ (Scrapbook Expo of New Zealand) and is an Executive contibutor to NZ Paper Chase which is a Scrapbooking magazine!

I specifically love her work because she shares a love of things that look grungy, vintage or have that old school classic feel about them.  I think I’m going to have to learn a thing or two about all this stuff when Maggie is next taking classes.

Lately the most creative things I’ve been doing have been making costumes.  Redecorating corsets for costumes or making little hats to complete a burlesque ensomble.  Talking to Maggie this kind of creativity, although in my opinion isn’t scrapbooking falls loosely under an “Off the Page” category of artwork.

A corset to which I covered in fabric, appliquéd applied a huge number of Swarovski crystals.

Gorgeous right?  I think so And I can’t wait to have a go myself very soon!  All photos are Maggie’s work unless othewise credited.  I’ve asked if I could interview her so hopefully I’ll have some more on the wonders of scrap-booking and all this creative craft entails soon!  Keep your eyes peeled!

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Apartment Balcony Gardening – 2

Apartment Balcony Gardening – 2

Almost a month ago I researched and planted (with help) a Balcony Garden.. I planted Tomatoes, Coriander, Basil, Mint and some pretty marigolds..  I’ve a balcony basket, a couple of long pots and a few wee round ones.

Lately with Auckland’s recent “weather bomb” has been a little harsh on my wee plants.  High wind and heavy rain hasn’t been good for my babies.. Today I staked all my tomatoes – they’re about to flower and I’d really like to get some fruit!!  Oh and I removed a wiggly caterpillar that had made a wee home in a basil plant!

Its Windy out, lucky the tomatoes are staked down so they don’t blow away!
Gnome guarding the chilli
My pink pots!

Top down on my staked tomatoes

A flamingo makes a good Tomato stake too!

Tomatoes in a Tea-Cup

I have two Gnomes, a fairy and a pink plant dragon guarding my little patch… I think its almost time to pick and dry my chillis!  I wonder if I should dry them in the sun that’s sheduled to come or just keep them in the pantry to dry.  They’re so teeny and cute for chillis. 

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I’m super lucky in having some super talented friends!!  What ever I might lack in creative ability I think I know someone who can create such a thing!!  I just got given this GORGEOUS fascinator hat… just in time to take to Sydney with me.     Thank you Chris for making this, you’re awesome!

Talking about being super spoiled for fabulous costumes… I met with Cathy Tree and discussed a full Burlesque outfit I’ve commissioned her to make… I can’t wait to see it… as normally I only get an occasional piece or two made and match the rest of an entire outfit.  Luckily most of my wardrobe is pink then yea?

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