“Calm your mind today. Take time to hear your thoughts and settle and your ideas mature.  Taking time for mental restoration now, will help you focus and stay motivated in the days to come.”

 This quote is from my Galaxy Tarot app.  It provides a random card every day – or my card of the day.  I’m using because it is really helping me get familiar with all the card and their applications.  I don’t think there could have been a better card for today tho.
I’ve been doing heaps of thinking, planning, writing and networking both in person and online.  Preparation is best way to avoid failure, right?  Being patient is definitely not my forté tho.  No, no, I’m all about DO IT, and do it NOW.  Which in most cases works for me. Shit gets done and Phlossy is a happy girl.  There is nothing I like more than PROGRESS.  Actually being able to see the progress I’ve been making makes the journey seem so much easier or more satisfying, I suppose you could say.  BUSINESS.  Yay.. Yes Self employment.  Yes, I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, like really for as long as I’ve realised that was a feasible option for someone who had the gumption to make it happen.  Gumption. I like that word, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of gumption in your loins. Haha Loins.
I digress.  I LOVE my idea, I am so excited to know that I can make it happen, it’s somewhat feasible, and ticks of the “Values” box of being able to do good / help other people in the process! Yay.  This ramble today is me feeling frustrated that I can’t (and I know I shouldn’t) go ahead and do/ make certain decisions now, yea, right now.  My passion vs common sense are playing with my mind like two little creatures on my shoulder.   The little devil, that twat, is telling me “Just buy it now, just set it up now, what are you waiting for!?”  The little angel on my other shoulder is saying “You’re getting some advice soon, you’ve got consultations with the experts, just wait you Wally, don’t be rash!!”
Doesn’t that face say it all.  Ahhhhh!! First world problems, right?!  So because I’ve done enough complaining, I’m going to document here all the achievements I’ve made already! Nothing more satisfying than seeing things ticked off a list.  So here is my ticked list.  Internal self doubt, please take note.  You’re awesome.
  • Business Name – CHECK
  • Brand Colours – CHECK
  • Trello Project Management site to keep track of everything – CHECK
  • Website ready for super customisation – CHECK
  • Website site map draft written – CHECK
  • Software List I need to make this thing work – CHECK
  • System functionality defined – CHECK
  • Domain Names – CHECK
  • Vision Statement written – CHECK
  • Mission Statement written – CHECK
  • Business Plan “Why”, “What” and “Who” written – CHECK
  • Legal shit defined that I need advice on – CHECK
I’ve got so many more things that are in my “in progress” list but that’ll have to wait. “Get advice, and keep things to yourself till your idea grows.”  Okay, okay thanks Universe.  I got the message.  I’m still excited and smiling, and am gonna chill out this Friday night.  It is after all Halloween this weekend