You must love yourself first and foremost. It wasn’t until Amani and I had done much inner healing work on ourselves that we had the adhikara to attract this kind of partnership. You get what you put into the world, especially in relationships where the other person is always your clearest reflection. If you fill yourself with love, love will be reflected. One person could never be everything you need, and it’s selfish and unreasonable to place that burden on someone. Instead, be whole unto yourself.

Fill yourself with radiance, love, fullness, dreams, aspirations, joy, beauty, and magic and you will find that your partner is simply pouring magic and wonder out of their pores for you as well. Then you exponentially better each other. Become vessels, and like two mirrors held to one another whose mere proximity turns them into an infinity mirror, you will grow infinite depth between you.

A person’s heart is a precious and highly sensitive gift — don’t grip it! Hold it gently and reverently in your open palm, let it soak in the fresh air and sunshine. It’s been caged in your partner’s ribs for so long. Now that it’s with you, give it the freedom to fly. To love someone unconditionally is to desire their happiness without rules and conditions as to how they may seek it, or to require that they appease your own selfish comfort zone and personal triggers. To trust someone completely is to honour and value their integrity, to know they will make good decisions for themselves and the partnership. When you are free, every day you spend together is a conscious choice you make — a privilege rather than an obligation.

Quotes directly from here:  Burning Man and Wife

I’m currently learning a brand new way around my heart on a new level. I’ve been doing allot of reading, self analysis and love. Talking to a psychotherapist and really learning to love myself and understand my purpose and sense of personal value to myself.

It’s a glorious experience. I’m glad I have the intelligence and self awareness. It’s exciting and empowering to fell strong and grounded. With that foundation I can entertain the idea of sharing my life and affections without losing my own self, and be strong, relaxed and confident doing so. Although without acknowledging my vulnerability and nerves – it’s an exciting prospect, possibility. Adventure…I’m looking forward to going back to Burning Man 2015 to revisit my awareness of myself.

Looking back to last year: So there I was, walking through the desert, tears streaming down my face, wondering why the hell I had spent so much time and energy to get here. For what, I wondered? For this sensation of being completely overwhelmed and this moment of loneliness? Realising that I needed to love myself, like really open up and experience life, be open to experiences.

I realised that this feeling of overwhelming angst and complete sensory overload, that the fact that my system literally couldn’t handle one more thing (in retrospect) is exactly what I had come for — the time and space to get real with what I was feeling about the my life at large, to actually take the time to feel the stress in my body due to overwork, non-stop noise and complete lack of opportunity for a break or real mental rest, go-go-go, me-me-ME world we are living in.

Time to reconnect with the real inner me; not the appearance, the perception or any of the responsibilities of day to day life.

2015 has been such a year of heart warming growth, friendship, excitement and love. I look forward to the curve ball and discovery that will happen this year. That week where the Default world stops and gives me a moment to experience sensory over load and GET what I’m actually feeling. Dig up my subconscious feelings and become at peace with all the change, the emotion this year has already thrown at me – and the rest I anticipate experiencing between now and then.

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