Rehearsals left right and center for me at the moment – never a dull day in the life of a performer tho! Here’s a quick run down of some of the exciting events I’ll be doing this side of 2012!  Hopefully many more exciting things to come too!

Cabaret Askew
Prepare yourself for an all singing, all dancing, tongue in cheek celebration of gorgeous bodies and the curious things we can do with them.
Cabaret Askew is the creation of choreographer Kali-Zahira, recently returned to New Zealand from performing in Asia and the Middle East.
A talented cast combines all the elements of traditional cabaret in a celebration of creativity and risqué humour that has been attracting audiences for generations.

Years of Fringe Festival experience have evolved into Cabaret Askew, the début offer from Singe Performance, a platform specifically developed to showcase the outstanding talents of some of New Zealand’s more diverse performers.

The Aotea’s Hearald Theatre – Tickets HERE

A relaxed night at the Electric Salon? 14th of October at the Lucha Lounge

Style Pacifica – oooooooh!
and The Red Delicious Review
Sweet like Candy…? Looking forward to traveling on the Burlesque bus to this Christmas show!
And for the the last few weeks of the Rugby World Cup lets not forget the amazing people I’ve been performing with at Carnival 42
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