“She’s a tad self advertising”

What is a Scene Queen? – Depends on who you ask really haha….

So on Friday I did a Burlesque Performance at Pony Club (ex showboys) for “Sideroom.com – The Erotic Edition” and the opening of the 42 Below Space Gallery on Customs Street. The gallery has I must add, so pretty awesome Art!The performace was LOTS of fun, and the people were great. I like doing events that have a very good vibe / energy to them!

Saturday was Celebration 08 at Transmission Room. My bff Gembox was up out on the town with me. It was really nice to turn up early and just be the VIP for once and not have to be in “work / performing” mode… It was all about getting drunk and boogie-ing the night away.

We saw the final show at Family from the performers from Pricilla Queen of the Desert the Musical (thats been in town the last month). Flirt (les night club) was closed early tho unfortunately so we missed out on hanging out with the girls….

Other than those two outings life has been a little more laid back which has been nice! I had a couple of days off last week to Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep and recover from my horrible Flu. That and a combination of not being able to hold anything down means I’ve dropped a couple of kg’s I think too. So back at the gym this week to tone up more! Wee!

This week we’re doing some Special work at Sky City for Sony HD TV which should be exciting, but I’m thinking its top secret so I’m not saying any more than that!

Life is never complete with out a weee spot of Drama. From Internet Fakes to IRL drama queens.

My Fake (weird one at that – name and ineresting tag line – its not like its a common name) I’m not sure if that was aimed at me or not, but she hasn’t accepted my add request.

Its always interesting to see who’s read what and which way things you’ve written have been taken. It cracks me up when someone strikes up a conversation after something they’ve read but they won’t say “oh I read… etc etc” Its nice to know that the hits I’m getting arn’t all google bots actually.

If I say something – I mean it. No hidden agenda, no double meaning. If something was the case 4 months ago, check if the situation has changed first before you get your knickers in a twist!

Black is Black – White is White —– OK!!!

Thanks very much – Rant over! haha
All these photos an more can be found at MissPhloss dot com Gallery

Thank you!!!!!!!!! 

xxx Phlossie
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