Following on from my post yesterday, you all now know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I was a small part of this video below and hopefully of other of their events coming up also.  This video is amazing and I still tear up every time I watch it!   See the official website and share the video on yourselves!!

(Can you spot me at 4m 05?)

Our Women is a breast cancer awareness project. A love song by New Zealand artists for all kiwi women to hear. Reminding our women that they are precious and irreplaceable, and making sure each one has the information needed to stay healthy.

Seven kiwi women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day. These are our mothers, aunties, daughters, wives and friends. These are our women.

In 2008, Helena McAlpine was one of them. To ensure that other kiwi women didn’t suffer the same fate, Helena partnered with the NZBCF to create a special message. Now we need your help. Go to to pass on Helena’s message and the music video to the women in your life. 

Taking part could save the life of someone you love.

Getting all done up and shooting for the video then rushing to the first Day of Fashion Week!  

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