Normally the media events I attend are more Fashion orientated so it was quite a delight to attend the launch of Mel Campbell’s book “Out of Shape” and as a super special treat listen to her read and comment on as she went through a chapter of the book as well.

We all love to listen to people who put into beautifully artistically linguistic words principals we whole heartedly agree with.  Referencing much of pop culture over the years and much extensive historical fashion research Mel has written a ingeniously intriguing book on popular perception of size and the difference between that and what is actually our natural physical shape.  Our bodies are obviously all different but through out time there has always been an esteemed version of perfection or ideal, and clothing really plays a very large part in a person’s desire (or otherwise) to attain it.

“Out of Shape” also bravely deals with masculine and feminine fashion and clothing not limited by the gender of the person wearing that item of clothing.  Pointing out general ideals that each portrays and how the wearer may wittingly or unwittingly receive a reaction based on that presentation of themselves based on the clothing (or undergarments) they might be wearing at the time.

I’m a recently converted fan and since the event have added this to my reading list for those long dreary trips back and forth on the tram/train.  I can’t wait to giggle and smile as Mel’s sense of humour really shows through the well researched chapters as she Debunks those Myths.  If I get a couple of confused sideways looks on public transport for my outbursts, I really don’t care.  It’ll be worth it!

Look.Stop.Shop, @ Curtin House

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