Earlier this week I Bingo’d my wardrobe for Boohoo.com and the end result was the outfit below, which I quickly photo shopped together.  It turned out to be a brilliant outfit to go off to my most recent photo shoot at The Establishment Studios, which by the way, are AMAZING!

If you love this outfit as much as I do Boohoo.com has it!  They have quite a number of blazers but I particularly like this Elodie Neon Ruched Sleeve pink one which is the perfect pairing with a pair of shiny black Disco Pants!  In the photos below I’ve paired them with a set of heels instead of these studded pink sandals, although the shoes I did wear are almost identical to these pink and perspex mid-heels!  Top it off with a cute bowler hat and chunky knot jewelry!

Sneaking some selfies before make-up and wardrobe!

 Hope you like and happy shopping!!

Phlossy Roxx

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