Yesterday we’d planned a flat BBQ, invited a big group of friends round and been shopping for supplies… We’re half an hour out from people turning up and I get a distress call from a friend.
Its their bands first ever public gig and the model they’ve booked is a no show. Without mentioning names.. it really surprised me to hear this from that company!!
I initially wanted to stay home relax and catch up with friends like a good host should! Its not the easiest thing to ring around looking for someone comfortable enough to be painted up head to toe (effectively naked) in public! However being a Burlesque performer generally warants being almost naked in front of an audience.. (can’t see how it would work otherwise)!
So having decided I’d do it, (it was worth my while) I rushed off up the road not really knowing what to expect and hoping I’d brought everything of need! Turned out I should have brought eyelashes, glue and lipstick and left the different coloured undies at home!
The next 3.5 hours while the band do a full run through I’m starkers being painted up like this!

The night was a huge success and I had an absolute blast and hopefully my friends will forgive me for missing my own party…!!


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