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Running away from myself

Creative process can be such an interesting beast. From exploring shadow self, fear of rejection and pain. Learning to listen to my body and create space for my pain to allow creativity to be unjudged and with out expectations from self.

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I cried; to grieve and breathe

As I was crying it felt good to grieve and breathe. I’ve spent the last two days doubting myself, maybe now I can learn to rebuild that trust in myself again.

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Dating: Opening up to love again

Maybe I am not ready but if one was always waiting to be ready that day would never come. Being not ready means being in it, being open to failure being open to hurt or vulnerability – which by the same token is love. So here I am not ready and doing it anyway.

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Publishing imperfectly

I don’t have it down like a sales pitch, I can’t for the life of me keep to a publishing schedule and I try to email you all once a month at least even if I’ve dropped the ball while I’ve been away. So here I am showing up for what I want to create, showing up for this little community, YOU, this wee newsletter, my Queer Tarot project and saying – It doesn’t have to be right or perfect, so long as it happens, so long as I do the thing- somehow!

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Today is a good day

I have stories to tell. I am pouring my thoughts and feelings out into this journal so they are no longer a burden, no longer a heaviness I have to carry around. I feel light again and my mind has slowed down, the sleepless manic has subsided.

I know I will always have myself to love.

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Artist: Queer Tarot Tour

I’ve known a while that this project is so much bigger than me. It is the love, art and voices of all of us making magick together.  Even if all you did was “hosted an artist”. You changed my life and made this queer tarot deck possible.

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Goodbye 2018

Goodbye 2018: Learning by failure, adventure and celebrating what I’ve achieved this year. Boy what a tumultuous ride. But many Queer Tarot things achieved

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Van life: a journey in patience & gratitude

The Van roof went back on last night. Today is the second day of glorious sunshine that has been forecasted for this week and I am glowing. Vitamin D will be my go to this winter, as I adjust to winter again after 12 months.

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Re-Pattern, Re-Wild: Feral Wild Animism Belonging

I allowed my body and emotions to drive me all last week at camp.  I let it break me, re-wild me, re-wire, re-pattern me. I let go, broke, and my mind fully released control – to my body. Tears flooded down my face, and my lungs heaved with releaf of releasing and acknowledging my trauma and pain. Not comparing it to the gravity of the experience that others shared, but appreciating the healing, and space held around me.

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Self love is my sacred ritual.

Self love is my sacred ritual. Diary of a Queer Witch. Traveling is like getting to know another dimension of yourself under a microscope. Everything in heightened.
Adventure, stress, excitement, exhaustion, feelings, happiness, and displacement. Being able to feel at home in yourself when your surroundings are constantly changing and on the move, letting go.

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Mystery the Magick Van: Van life.

We’re so strange as humans we can watch mystery moving but when don’t know how it ends or don’t know the answers in our own lives we go crazy.  It’s like living the High Priestess card – allow the Mystery. Allowing myself to be a mystery, allowing my life to be a mystery. I feel it is very brave and vulnerable to live like this – but it’s also a great adventure, which what I want my life to be.

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Gratitude in the madness of change

Finding a precious moment to be present and create this stream of consciousness and gratitude. To feel grounded in an urban routine of stopping for a second to allow my mind space to breathe.  I wouldn’t have imagined a few weeks ago how happy I’d be to have a long bus ride to work.

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The Arrogance of Belonging

The arrogance of belonging. I belong here because I have showed up. It’s not enough to love my art, I must believe my art, my Queer Tarot project, all you wonderful humans who have touched my life with your stories – that you love me back.

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Pigeon post

Pigeon post from Canada. Travel filled with laughter and love. Hadn’t seen a bear yet when I wrote this.

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Writing you a letter from Canada with love!

Hi Pen Pal!! Ever felt like you’re in such a big state of change, flux that your feet aren’t on the ground but you just have to keep moving or you’ll fall out of the tornado that you’ve created? Queer Tarot Cards touring Canada, looking to shoot more Queer Tarot Cards in Vancouver!

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Sexy is a Contradiction & Self Love

I can imagine a place where the sky is magical and covered in stars, I feel safe and at home in my space- maybe a tent by myself, warmth envelops me in a comforting blanket of love, and my shape melds with blankets and covers. I like being that sexy slug. There I don’t feel like you have any expectations of me and what my confidence in myself should be. There I don’t have to be or do or look a certain way in order to gain approval from anyone.

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This is Giant: Coming out of the darkness – feelings of unworthiness

You realise that, the only thing you are stuck isn’t even history it’s just mind. It’s a model you have of who you think you are, and who you think everyone else is. That’s all it is.  That exactly what is causing your suffering at this moment, is your own thoughtfulness and your clinging to them and saying “this is real”. And it is as simple as that, it really is the mind.”

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I am Loveable. Reframing loneliness and feelings of unworthiness

All my life I have struggled with my mind being so afraid of being alone.  Rewriting this pattern is probably the hardest journey I’ve been on, and I know I’m still on it; because being alone made me feel unworthy and unlovable. Recognising this, I am starting work towards believing I am enough alone, loving myself alone, and as I am, authentically right now.

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Rejection: What motivates me

Rejection is negative judgment manifested, and judgment is subjective by nature. This means I can decide to interpret rejection as evidence of someone’s perception rather than as evidence of my flawed nature. People who reject me are the minority!

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Hi, I’m Florence, author and creator of Create Magick.

I love talking about Tarot, Queer witchy/ pagan traditions and practices, and philosophy from an open minded and somewhat buddhist-influenced perspective.  This collection of articles is my journey through discovering more about myself, and practicing whole hearted open-ness and vulnerability sharing my story with you.  Hopefully you can enjoy and find some connection to what I write here in your experience.

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