Its been a crazy couple of weeks, and I’ve a feeling its only going to get busier with the Summer coming all too soon!  Not long till daylight savings!
I’ve so much on, with planning events well into next year, performing, teaching and blogging.  Tomorrow I’m off to visit people in Tauranga and Hamilton. Below are photos from Electric Burlesque, Rose and Thorne Lingerie, jewelery from Swarovski and Nick von K!  Oh and look a lot of pink!

Below are photos by The A list for the Herald on Sunday, dressing up and going out, Lashes by Cerise, pretty shoes and fabric in the Cathy Tree Costumer workroom for my exciting new costume.  Sooooo exciting!

Keep posted as I’ve so SUPER exciting giveaways planned coming up very soon on my blog! Something for every one… From Burlesque related goodies through to technology!!  Just for you ya’ll!  xxxx

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