About two and a half years ago I discovered a brand called Black Milk Clothing. It turned out they make leggings. Nylon goodness, and I have no qualms about admitting that all natural fibers are not a common thing in my wardrobe.  Maybe they should be, and maybe Ill develop a taste for that one day, but right now I don’t mind a spot of Nylon.

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On the Black Milk website their wee story under the “About us” typical of nosy website is most humbling and inspiring. Possibly you could call it a rags to riches success story, I like to think of it as a personal kick up my ass. Why sit around doing something you hate when you could be working your butt off but being happy. However, that is not what today’s post is about. Now that my blogging mojo is slowly returning I wanted to share with you these lovely leggings and my story about meeting “Sharkies” in New Zealand and Australia.

 The clothing is simple, basic but all in all good quality with funky, quirky and rebellious prints.  With the line starting to include more than just leggings it is truly a developing online Fashion Label. Maxi dresses, swim suits, t-shirt dresses, skirts, basket ball singlets, leggings and boob-tubes is really rocket science.
How Black Milk clothing have created a brand with a cult like following IS!  If every marketing manager or PR company could re-create that kind of organic success story they’d be putting them selves out of business.

There a Facebook groups for every country, or even states with in a country. Coffee or drink meets, reminiscent of stamp collector meetings from the 80’s… Collections get shown, shared, swapped, on sold or fawned over. There is one thing unique about “Sharkies”, so named because of their ability to crash the shop website trying to snap up a new product. 

I walked through the underground walk way at Melbourne’s Flinders station I spot a girl walking towards me wearing brightly coloured leggings. I smile as I recognise them as Black Milk tights, and she acknowledges me back recognising mine.  Being a very recent immigrant to Australia I’m still working really hard to meet people and make friends, so simple little personal interactions make my day.

Last weekend was the Melbourne Black Milk sample sale. Coming from New Zealand I had no idea they did such a thing, but dutifully saved up my pennies and planned my weekend around attending the sale. 9 am it was due to start. Having been to the Swarovski sample (invite only) sale I expected it to be a little similar. Lines out the door. Groups of people let into the sale room for a limited amount of time each. Scrambles and then a patient wait at the check out.  Well my expectations were almost on target. Almost!!

There had been a meet up the night before (frustrated I didn’t know so I could have gone!) and a large group had stayed there late and then head straight to the factory were they camped over night with their sleeping bags! Others had set their alarms for ridiculous hours and headed in to arrive as early as 4-6 am!  Myself, blissfully I got up at 8 am and headed there planning to be there around 8:30 am, thinking this early!

How wrong was I. A small block consisting of 8-10 joined terrace houses long and wide was surrounded by colourful lines all around the block. Four sides of the block surrounded en’ masse by a line made up most of girls of all sizes and colours of hair all wearing at least one if not multiple items of Black Milk. Every 20 minutes 150 people were allowed to rush into the warehouse. Piles of nylon organised into sizes were instantly shrouded elbow to elbow pf excited people rummaging and hunting for pieces that caught their attention.

I waited for two and a half hours to get into the sale. “What??” You say, that is ridiculous. But time flew!  Standing in the line I made friends! Students, mums, and crazy cats like myself all chatting about what we had in common. All for the love of Black Milk.

Thanks James Lillis, you made your dream a reality. We can too!

Other info if you wish to cross educate yourself here:  http://bmcthetruth.tumblr.com/

Alternative sites that also sell RAD as leggings:


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