Well Big Day Out was AMAZING – I got to meet LOTS of amazing people. Performing at Lilly World with The Turn Around Crew, the Cynical brothers and DJ Miles Cleret was fantastic! Sheba is a beautiful queen.
A BIG BIG thankyou to Mary for passing on my contact details to the right people! Getting a performance crew together and costumed in 12 hours notice was fun, but did have its stressful moments. However like most things in my life, it all worked its self out perfectly – much to my GREAT relief!
I misssed the Ting Tings which was dissapointing but love the Fantomas the Artic Monkeys and Prodigy! Awesome.. Probably my favourite BOD so far. I went along with great group of people a very Disco pop out fit and had a blast. I even got the courage up to face my fear of heights and go on the Fair Ground spinny dish!
I got home at 5am – hows that for too much energy? ( I hadn’t been club hopping in years!)
Saturday was all about resting up, BBQ’s relaxation and eating great food! I’ve been a real sunscreen Nazi this year so far so very glad not to have been burnt cos the tempretures were getting up close to 30 Degrees! Watching Get Smart was a perfect way to finish the day off.
Sunday morning was a mess. I made it to the New Zealands Next Top Model auditions relatively on time. – You might see me in the Q out the front. It was an interesting experience and there were LOTS of gorgeous girls. The minimum height requirement was however 170 cms and I happen to be a measly 169 cms!!!
Ah well Sunday after noon was drinking music in the park and crazyness. I love my life!

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