Like learning that taking one of your old tablets is a BAD idea when you specifially changed off them due to depression!

Or that the corporate world will always be stupid and wanky. But that 8K extra a year will make even the wildest of radicalls compromise. Even limit their internet use – OMG…

(thats why I’ve not posted as much!) So i look like this 9-5….

and this every other living moment. I LOVE having short hair.. and straighteners… Pink Sherly Temple look isn’t so edgy right now.

I love bubbles. I love bubble bath and I love living in my fantasy world where glamour is always OTT… so a bottle of Moet covered in dimantes, PINK glittery bubble bath from Lush and a room on the top floor of a hotel is bliss in my fantasy world.

Needless to say sleep was low on my list…. In the morning we had a right laugh at our selves in evening dresses in the city…. *sigh*

I have been organising the HERO party for 2009 over the last two weeks… the date is 20th of Feb. If ANYONE would like to be involved in some way voluntarily please message me. Performers, organisational people, or back stage…. help woule be MUCH appreciated and I’d be more than happy to return the favour any day!

I’ll put the flyer in a seperate post, cos I think its gorgeous!

The theme is a cross betweent Party Monster in the 80’s – a Fetish ball and the closest thing you can get to sex with out actually doing it!!!
I have aimed to bring back a really raw but community feel to it. But to steer away from a formulated production line party.

I did an interview and a shoot which will be coming out in EXPRESS Today, so look out for it! I haven’t seen the photos yet, so I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I was feeling a little frustrated… cos I really like to know how I did, and what sort of look to expect. I suppose everyone does it differently right – haha?! Maybe I’m a more hands on model *mischevious grin* Anyways the setting and costumes were FANTASTIC… and I can’t wait to see it!

I can’t write for too long cos I’m laying in my pink stripey bikini on my lepoard print PlayBoy bed, slowly watching my laptop battery die… yes my laptop is pink too..! *thinks about re-adjusting the plug set up* At least my wireless internet is working!!

Oh and that reminds me the L List Newsletter is re-starting for 2009 and I have a column due by 2nd of Feb!? I’d better get on to that.

My favourite things for today are in this order:

Vanilla Ice Cream with kaluah, butterscotch liqure and sauce
My parasol
Roast Chicken for dinner
and the Meerkats I saw today at the ZOO!

Its amazing how much shelter from the sun an almost sheer satin hand made parasol gives. It realy stopped the burn! I swear tho that becuase it was a beautiful green that it caught some of the animals attention.. they were LOOKING at me.. the cockatoos, the Makkaws (I WANT ONE) and the meerkats. The zoo animals were fantastic, the pesky kids with parents who either didn’t give a shite or had NO control over them really fucked me off tho. My appologies to the parents reading this but. I hate kids. I’ve always said I’d be the cool crazy auntie who was fun to hang out with for a day. But have sprogletts of my own that I couldn’t give back at the end of the day. Um No thanks!

I think I’ll sign off now. I’m kinda hungry!

Heres a photo and poem I wrote that I don’t think I’ve posted before. If anyone wants a calendar print of it, 🙂 let me know!

*can’t find it, will add in later*

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