I’ve always been a huge eyeliner fan. That thin black strip of colour which can turn an insignificant eye into something totally stunning and “eye-catching”. (Excuse the pun!”)

However use a bad liner and in an hours time you have one of either of these two disastrous results.
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Watery, teary, stinging eyes with little black rivulettes running down your face or panda rings where the movement of your skin has caused the soft crumbly powder to slowly slide down your face, giving you that trashy “hard night on the town look!”

Not so pretty, right? So what about a waterproof liner then? Perfect but what about one that can give you that delicate pin-up style cat’s-eye flick or Amy Whitehouse style winged eye?
I decided to put the Maybelline New York ‘Master Precise’ liquid liner to the test against a standard black pencil liner. Starting off by testing the two on my hand they both pass the “black enough” test, next the smudge test!

Okay, maybe I rubbed a little hard but the pencil TOTALLY flunked! I’ve a dirty gray big smudge on my hand that I really don’t want on my face.

I wore the Maybelline liner to my first Melbourne Burlesque shows this weekend and am glad I did! Despite the heat inside the venue, specifically Red Bennie’s cabaret & Burlesque bar it didn’t run or smudge one bit!

Hooray! I love my liner and you should try it too!

Thanks Maybelline NY!!

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