Michele Lee, Lead Glee star wore an antique embroidered illusion dress from Marchesa. Its stunning, silver and so so so SEXY.  If I could recreate this dress myself or you or someone you know could make me one like this I’d be more than over the moon I think I’d figuritively have one of those girly-over the top “I’m so happy I could die” moments.  Yes, yes, you heard me.  

I’ve never been to a Ball before.. I never went to a school ball, being home school most of my life there just wasn’t one.  I’ve got my first one coming up in July, so plenty of time to search shop and tell you all about it. I want have the evening of my life with out looking like an overly orange, made up barbie doll like some prom queens end up.  
So interwebs, and bloggisphere, here goes my foray into the big scary world of trying to get ready and going to my first ever ball.  So exciting, but scary.
This is another dress I love… The gold one on the right that N is wearing – about 1:40min into the video.  Which happens to be a pretty amazing Whitney Huston cover, even if you aren’t a huge Glee fan..

 Or this on Net-a-Porter – Drool worthy but completely outside of an normal idea of a ball budget.  
ALEXANDER MCQUEEN  Embroidered silk-faille and organza gown  

I love the dark almost gothic air of this dress, its gorgeous.  Something like this just screams expensive.  just looking online at ball dresses this is something apart from the poofy coloured meringues which are just simply hideous and remind me allot of My Big Fat Greek Wedding!
First Shopping stop for a dress in my price range HERE:  http://www.secondtononeboutique.co.nz/

Its handy to home and boasts to have some pretty big names in stock.  I think I’ll be down to check it out sometime soon.  I’ll post results and hopefully take Dani Just is with me!  Shopping spree!!

This is is cute, but not the seriously gorgeous dress I want…  Time to start shopping!!! 

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