I never thought having a garden in an apartment was possible.. I’m not talking about just a few pot plants either…  I want one of those “Live of the land” type gardens… very difficult if your living arrangements don’t actually contain any actual dirt!  All big cities are filled with high rises, and few trees.  Its really rewarding and relaxing to be able to have your own bit of greenery.

Basil, Coriander, and Marigolds

 Hanging baskets are great. This one is super study and matches the Metal railing on my balcony.  They are a wee bit pricey but buy them second hand online if you can.  Instant gratification (garden) isn’t always the cheapest way to go!  They take up WAY more soil than I expected.  We ended up with a 40 Litre bag of soil and used up most of it potting everything up.   The seedlings come in tightly packed little pottles so the bigger containers need fresh soil for every separated out plant.

Ornametal Chili

Chilli plants are awesome!  I think we three on our balcony now.  Two hot chillis and one ornamental one.  I think they’re pretty and colourful. I’ll leave all the eating of said chillis to my flatmates. 

I can see many chilli concarnes, or Thai Chilli Chicken coming out of our kitchen.  Hopefully no idiot will get talked into a chilli eating contest over the weekend either!  
Sitting in the afternoon summer sun watering my plants is going to be my new hobby after a cooped up day inside the office.  Vitamin D and visiual stimulation.  YES please!  Plants and greenery have got to be almost as relaxing to potter around with as Animals are.  Maybe I’m getting all grown up, suddenly wanting to care for other living things?

Succulents and Basil

Basil – I have HEAPS of this… It grows way taller than I expected. and all those lucious green leaves instantly make me think of PESTO… oooh Pesto, how I long to make my own. Pesto is pretty darn expensive really. I just splurged out on a 550gram pot that was $11!!!! I can’t say I’m going to grow my own Pine nuts but I can certainly add in my own leaves in a month or so I hope!

I wanted to buy more Gnomes from the Plant Barn when I was there.. I found a little one with a thermostat, but really it was quite ugly so I’m glad I didn’t. I have a couple that are just cropped out of the photo below. But my Pink flamingos are the bees-knees. Nearly got more except they were $35 each! I’m sure mine weren’t that much originally! Colour and Green make a balcony garden amazing… The garden tray above is actually PINK. I nearly wet myself when I saw it… Now I just need another to have a matching set. Temptation right?

Garden ornaments!

Instead of continuing to be jealous of my friends luscious and fruitful veggie patches this past weekend I went out and did something about it. I went too my local Kings Plant Barn and came out with a trolley full of green goodies… If this is the first time setting up a garden, I totally recommend taking a green-thumb friend with you. I’m so glad I did otherwise I would have walked out with all the wrong things!!

Here is some great Balcony Garden Inspiration!  Recycled Plastic bottle garden:

Recycled Bottle Garden – Apartment Therapy!
ZEN apartment balcony garden!

Lastly have a look at this site lifeonthebalcony.com – Its a great read from an expert, this video is inspiration enough to get planting… and use the space you have for the maximum greenery! Get growing and ENJOY!

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