Almost a month ago I researched and planted (with help) a Balcony Garden.. I planted Tomatoes, Coriander, Basil, Mint and some pretty marigolds..  I’ve a balcony basket, a couple of long pots and a few wee round ones.

Lately with Auckland’s recent “weather bomb” has been a little harsh on my wee plants.  High wind and heavy rain hasn’t been good for my babies.. Today I staked all my tomatoes – they’re about to flower and I’d really like to get some fruit!!  Oh and I removed a wiggly caterpillar that had made a wee home in a basil plant!

Its Windy out, lucky the tomatoes are staked down so they don’t blow away!
Gnome guarding the chilli
My pink pots!

Top down on my staked tomatoes

A flamingo makes a good Tomato stake too!

Tomatoes in a Tea-Cup

I have two Gnomes, a fairy and a pink plant dragon guarding my little patch… I think its almost time to pick and dry my chillis!  I wonder if I should dry them in the sun that’s sheduled to come or just keep them in the pantry to dry.  They’re so teeny and cute for chillis. 

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