Thursdays ws one of those days you wouldn’t miss if it hadn’t happened. It was good to say farewell to a friend but something inside me wasn’t feeling it. Oh and I didn’t eat enough dinner, so 2 glasses of wine and a jagermeister shot didn’t sit so well. NEVER put important things “away safely” when you’re under the influence.. I still can’t find it!
I’ve decided I’m going to not drink at all for 2 weeks. I want to look after my figure and excess wine consumption isn’t really doing it a favour! Tough eh?!
Friday was fun… I’ve taken photos too so I’ll try get those off my camera soon! I actually felt quite relaxed and enjoyed the company of those I was around. The Crest bar on Pitt st re opened as the “Family and Naval” and the old Supermarket has been totally re-vamped as the new posh and modern “N V”.
So new the floor was still like glass.
Saturday – got out of town by 2:30 – Amazing since I had to bleach and dye my hair and pack for a weekend! The flooding in the country side is really bad… I’m so glad I’m not a farmer… I’d hate to be so reliant on the natural elements for my survival… The party was “interesting” but the people were fun.
I discovered I’m allergic to a cat (not all cats) or the dog.. I got a horrible rash on my chest eeeeewwww pet hair. I want a Short haired pet – Jack Russel will do me perfectly Thanks!
AND as if I wasn’t fitting enough things into a weekend I had a shoot with EQ Photography which went REALLY well…. and I’m dying to see the rest of the photos from the set. I estimate we took between 150 – 200 photos and SO many of them were fantastic… There’s one I’m looking forward to seeing of me in the last outfit.
I’m half standing, half squatting and have my hands by my face. Its like I’m screaming and hissing at the same time. Its FIERCE haha.. She just caught the look before I had held it too long and it looked forced!
Its so hard not to be impatient…
I also got a CD of Photos from Momentz Photography on Saturday which was exciting so I’ll put up some of those photos soon too! They’re almost the POLAR opposite of the below…

Hope you like?

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