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You nor I cannot manifest or change someone else into being nicer, kinder or more loving.  You cannot change someone else, and it is not good for us either to wish harm to others. The universe would only throw that back in your face.  In those situations, all we control or influence is ourselves. We can change, react or simply leave the situation.

I see abundance in the three of cups, it nudges me to consider, in the madness of my life, how inexhaustible love can be and abundance we all have within us and how we share it, should we do the work to discover it. It challenges me to look at my relationship with my fear of scarcity or lack (reversed).

If our manifestations are focused outwards instead of inwards, the universe may bring about that manifestation to us in ways less than pleasant.   When we focus inward it encourages us to work on ourselves, become more open and ready to do our own hard work. Friendship can help and support us through this journey. The spirit of friendship, to help and with help and love from others, that I have shared with my friends in solidarity. I feel blessed to be able to share my struggle to build a balanced relationship with abundance. Manifesting abundance is to love yourself, to love others and be loved, to give and be given to, to feel part of a greater whole.

This past year I think I’m a bit of a Lucky B*tch and I have been manifesting like a mo-fo. I’ve always believed that “If you dream it, you can make it happen”. I almost gave myself no option but to trust my gut instincts and believe that my manifestations would lead me down the right track. A few of the things have been material objects like my couch, and an amazing lamp that I’d described to myself in great detail – that I then found at a side of the road garage sale for $20 (it needed many many hours of elbow grease polishing and cleaning off all the rust)!

Others have been more challenging like, finding the perfect place to live in. I tried desperately and with much grief to find somewhere for a me and a friend to live. As soon as I gave up on what I ‘thought I wanted’ and accepted that maybe I should live on my own, the universe brought a literal choice of places to pick from right into my lap. I was trying to manifest what I thought she wanted, instead of what I needed to ground myself to be able to create and share from a place where my cup was completely full.  I’d resisted and resisted which caused me nothing but pain, and the moment I stopped resisting, listened, looked at the love I needed, the opportunities appeared.

  • It taught me to stop trying to please everyone else at a detriment to myself, my stress levels and mental health
  • It taught me, that loving others does not mean compromising myself
  • It taught me to stop, feel the pain, and be open to the unexpected, the impermanence of what we “think” we want
  • It taught me a lesson in boundary setting and self care I’m still continuing to learn

Well played universe, well played.

Then even more recently than that, I stopped working full time to work part time and focus more strongly on my business.  That meant a new job and changes to my budgeting and bank balance. The universe really had it in for me to learn a lesson in trust (I’m still not a confident expert).  Trusting everything would be okay, I’d be able to stop eating into my savings or adjust my lifestyle and manage my money better. I didn’t want to feel like I had a negative relationship with my money, or that I was a miserly scrooge. I was struggling however to have a healthy non codependent relationship with my business income and pay checks.  

After a couple of tearful and stressed moments, beautiful moments of vulnerability where I admitted to myself what I was scared of and slowly saw the fear of scarcity (3 of cups reversed) and uncertainty lift. Giving myself space to feel, and stepping back to decide that I’d make it work, I’d survive, not be miserable. Slowly as the agitation in my spirit lessened, I accepted the risk, the adventure, the trust in my own abilities, my calm returned. 

In a short space of time my triad of abundance had come to fruition. The Three of Cups combine the qualities of both the Ace and the Two of Cups. As I learn to love and trust my self, my abundance will grow and blossom. The 3 (triad) of three things in my learning about manifestation does not seem amiss as look at my way of interpreting the healing, fullness and abundance of this tarot card.

I hope you’ve followed me through my journey in learning about manifestation, learning to trust my gut, share and love, let go and grow through the process. Even though my (self inflicted – I chose to change jobs/hours) moment of overwhelm, I still believed that the universe would magick the answer to my manifestation. I thought it was just going to be a lesson in being less material, being more economic and open to a less dependant on money for a lifestyle or pleasures.  And now thinking back it, they have been just a tiny element of what I have learned about myself –  but the kicker?

It's always the unexpected things, the unexpected lessons or the unexpected journeys that have helped me grow the most. Click To Tweet

I got given my 6 month pay review (from my part time job) increase 4 months early. To be honest I was in shock for quite a while, but it challenged me to go, so if the fear is removed how can I continue to keep my mindset, my new attitude to money. When I was told I forgot to be suitably excited and grateful out of disbelief.  My first thoughts were: Okay magick manifestation – you got me. If I ever doubt again if I’m ever not open, trusting or super specific, not letting go for the beautiful experience that my manifestations teach me – I hope I can re-read this post and learn, realise how wonderful manifesting my dreams can be. Now I think “how can I use my abundance to share, manifest more things for my community and those I love?”.

It felt like the universe not only had a massive lesson to teach me, but had done it in the form of “cute” practical joke that it had been played on me. I’ll write more about how I view “the universe”, soon as I know I keep referring to it in 3rd person, but that is a post for another day.

The things I try to constantly remind myself about manifestation and the lessons it has taught me this year:

  • Love yourself and let in the love around you
  • Be super specific
  • Do not be expectant or anxious impatient for your manifestation to happen
  • Be trusting and let go the worry
  • Be open and ready to learn the lessons the universe would teach you
  • Be prepared to put in the hard work to bring your manifestation to life

May magikcal opportunities and doors open for you. May the lessons and personal growth be hard yet rewarding along the way.
I love to share stories of my experiences to show this magick is possible. I don’t mean to portray it as an easy or quick process that won’t also be challenging.  I acknowledge that my experience and journey is completely unique, my way of doing things will not work for everyone, and I acknowledge my privileges that make some of this possible. I am grateful for my abundance and do my best to share, build up and journey with those who I love, and those who’s needs I can make lighter.

Flossy xxx