~~Being bad and not feeling at all ashamed about it  ~~
My tattooist is incredibly busy so I’ve found that if I want to get my tattoo done faster I have too book appointments during the week rather than on weekends.  Great for him, I certainly don’t envy him working weekends but its a busy tattooist is a sign of a good one! 
I pulled a sicky from work, not something I do on a regular basis and because I have a sensitive conscience I try to make my excuses have at least a little element of truth.  Bad cramps were conveniently afflicting at the time, so home I went at lunch time to change and head out.  Arriving early as always I like to chill before getting my ink done..  This time here for lunch.. 
Tuesday happened to be a gorgeous winter’s day (in the Southern Hemisphere) so eating outside was a rare treat = me absolutely over the moon! Cafe “One2One” has a reputation for its resident kittys!  Quite an attraction for any cat lover.  These are well fed specimens, defiantely not afraid to bowl on through and demand left overs… Mmmmm…. Not the healthiest just spoilt right?
~Kitty cuteness~
Death Stare to share?

I’ve been going to Two Hands Tattoo since it opened almost – I found the place on MySpace randomly and emailed then when I was planning on getting my first ever tattoo’s – the stocking seams down my legs!
The shop itself is full of ‘character’ and the occasional stuffed bird.

On the subject of Birds… my newest Ink addition is a gorgeous Eagle.  Its take about 4+ hours so far just to do the outline.  I’ve learned that tattoos on one’s ribs REALLY hurt and that I’m really not as brave as I thought I was!  The tattoo wraps around my middle slightly on both sides and each time we got to my bony bits I couldn’t help but cry a little.  Feeling like a complete ‘wus’ is not fun!  However I love the outcome and am going back for my first session of colour / shading soon!  Eeeeek
Other things this week….  Pool bars with “KISS” memorabilia absolutely everywhere… Nice. I didn’t look very rock n roll but standing under this I sure felt it!  

 We are all a bit silly some times.
Sunday I met amazing historical / medieval sword fighting rein-actors!  Its impressive, and really takes a lot of training to flail a sword around, have it look realistic without actually ‘beheading’ or ‘impailing’ anyone!

 Oh!! I went to the “Stolen Girlfriends” Sample sale and bought two dresses… I can’t wait to post photos in the dresses soon!  I’m wearing the black one to work today with black sky-high buckle ankle boots from Mi Piaci. I feel super sexy!  Hehe…

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