I came up with my business idea in October.  It is now February. I thought I would make a gratitude post of how far I’ve come! It’s been a full on couple of months – I’ve worked, cried, not been able to sleep, gotten immensely frustrated, bounced off the walls with excitement and burned myself out.

Making business plans, networking, and oh yea building a website.  I’m still not ready to launch yet, but the day is getting closer and closer.  It’s pretty exciting and every day now is a fine game of balancing a feisty trio of emotions: “work-a-holic-ness, anticipation and frustration”!

In no particular order I am trying to appreciate my privilege and take less things for granted.  This is my happiness!

Today I am grateful for:

Access to the Internet
The day job and still have enough mental and emotional capacity to build, plan, make and be creative as well.
The financial means to build a website, set up a company and buy the right tools
My little car – so I can travel to beautiful places that inspire me
My little car – so I can travel to visit amazing people who want to work with me
Living centrally so I can walk places
Support – from my friends and partner
Running water
The freedom to be out of the closet, love who I love and be safe
The freedom to be a woman and live as I wish, in a relatively un-oppressed society
The sunshine and enjoying it
Friends who are willing to help me build a business
Friends who are supportive and caring
A body that works – dancing walking, moving
My health
Self awareness and emotional awareness
My space, my little nest / sanctuary of glittery pink wonderland
Networking with people in the tech industry