Speaking of Olympic rings (the kind that are not made of coffee) and illustrative diagrams which enable learning for those of a Visual or Kinaesthetic learning style, here is a particularly brilliant concept, if I may say so myself! 

Yes that means you – Go a head an try this with you coffee mug now!

I always thought that the five Olympic rings were symbolic of five specific ideals:  peace and unity and sportsmanship and things like that.  All great and amazing things that upon waking up motivate one to SPRING sprightly out of bed and off to conquer the day.    However, today is Monday and this morning was not such a day.

I like to imagine the Olympic rings as a kind of visually simplistic example portrayed in a Venn diagram of when motivational and inspirational Olympian ideals intersect.  Kind of like this, especially when I’m in a more cynical type of *mood! 
*Read = Mondays

Brilliant, right!?
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