Ten Reasons you know its time to move cities or countries.  Have you ever pondered your future and wonder if in 2,5,10 years you’d still be happy living in the same house, the same street, the same city or even country.  If you check off all these travel points and still want to move – START LOOKING.  Before moving to Melbourne I’ve tried to tick off all of these so I know that it’s not just a impulse or spur of the moment decision.
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Are you a thrill seeker?  Is something inside you dreaming of a day where you don’t know where you’ll end up or the idea of walking blithely in to the unknown sounds like a pleasant dream rather than a nightmare?  If you’re not afraid of change, or doing new things then you can check this point a big fat YES!
Have itchy feet?
Do you know your own city inside out?
Does going out not excite you any more?
Do airports make you super excited?
Does getting back from overseas and immediately wanting to leave again?
If you answered yes to all these questions – do it! Go book a flight now!!
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